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Reapter release lyric vídeo called “Subliminal”

The lyric talk about unite people to live better. It’s a deep and positive intention to turn the relationship between humans less cruel.

The band is finishing their new album and preparing a new tour across Europe soon.

For bookings, please contac: booking@musicmediametal.com

Link for Lyric Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2UeOr4-ung

Art by Burn Artworks (Alcides Burn)

Lyric Video by Motion Desing (Marcelo Silva)

TORTURE SQUAD: Release new video clip

Torture Squad released their new video clip called “Blood Sacrifice”, the lyrics speak about Goddess Mahakali, who is the Hindu goddess associated with “Shakti”, empowerment.

Check it out:


Torture Squad is a classic among metal bands in Brazil. They will play Rock in Rio 2019 in October, sharing the stage with Nervosa, Claustrofobia, Chuck Billy, Anthrax and Slayer.Before that, on September 18th they will release a split with the revelation band of Brazilian heavy metal “Living Metal”. This split will be released by Music Media Records.

More news are coming very soon, stay tuned!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/torturesquad

Management/press: contact@musicmediametal.com

Contact band: torturesquad.press@gmail.com

Reapter: New album is coming

Reapter is a thrash-prog metal band founded in Rome 2005 by Max Pellicciotta, Emiliano Niro and Claudio Arduini. The name Reapter is derived from the two English terms: Reaper and Richter (the seismic scale).

Jury Pergolini (bass) joined the band a year later, and with his arrival the band started to write the first songs for the EP called “First One”.

The band released the first album in 2013, called M.I.N.D. via Buil2kill Records In 2016, the second album was released by Revalve Records. Like the first album, it was distributed worldwide on the most important digital platforms and physical format.

Reapter went on a tour in 2017 to promote the album with the Brazilian female thrash-metal band Nervosa for 12 gigs in Western Europe. In 2018, the band played in Goathell Metal Festival in Pula (Croatia) with Sinister and Jinjer.

Nowadays they are writing their third album, and are ready to go on a new tour around the world.

Reapter line-up is:

– Claudio Arduini (vocals)

– Max Pellicciotta (rhythm – lead guitar)

– Daniele Bulzoni (rhythm – lead guitar)

– Jury Pergolini (bass guitar)

– Emiliano Niro (drums)

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thrashreapter
Press Contact: contact@musicmediametal.com
Reapter is managed by Music Media Metal: contact@musicmediametal.com

AltarEgo: Coming Back from the ‘90s

AltarEgo is an old school death metal band from The Netherlands that has been around since the early ’90s. 
In 2016, former member and guitarist Marcel Verdurmen announced the comeback of Altar with a new lineup, being the biggest change going from a male to a female singer. Early 2018, the band released a videoclip for a brand new song entitled ‘Unfinished Business’ and later that year the band decided to change its name to AltarEgo, to further distance themselves from the previous Altar.
After having played numerous shows in 2017 with bands like Rotting Christ and Batushka and recording their EP in 2018, the band is currently working hard on new material and is looking to release a full length album soon.

AltarEgo’s complete line-up:

Janneke de Rooy – vocals
Marcel Verdurmen – guitar
Bas Karman – guitar
Martin Bruinewoud – bass guitar
Erwin ‘Bakvet’ Koerts – drums

Website: www.altarofficial.nl 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/altaregofficial666/

Videoclip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVDdHsENR6U

Band contact: altardominion@gmail.com

Press and management: contact@musicmediametal.com

Booking: ludy@eternalrock-musicagency.com

Upcoming shows:

Inferno Metal Fest Norway (April 21)

Chronical Moshers Open Air Germany (June 7)

Utrecht (June 8) – TBA

Southern Discomfort Norway (September 13)