Living Metal

Formed in 2018, by Rafael Romanelli (guitarist of the brazilian rock band ZUMBIES DO ESPAÇO) with the purpose of continuing making a heavy metal in the more pure traditional style ala JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT, MANOWAR and with the intention of transcending internationally as his compatriots SEPULTURA, KRISIUN, ANGRA, but with a sound and lyrics of classic cut, idealizes the LIVING METAL band.
One of the topics that call the attention of the band is the extreme politicization of the current bands and the media discourses assumed within the social controversies, it was stipulated that a contemporary band would not emerge that did not address controversial or critical issues, because at the moment, the political moment correct always ends up having your audience polarized. Finally, it was agreed that Living Metal would only address the theme of “True Metal” focused only on Heavy Metal as a form of entertainment (beer, motorcycles, Heavy Metal, swords, etc.), without addressing the problems that could harm freedom of Positioning in your audience. The first EP came out in October 2018, a video clip of the song “Fire on two Wheels” was also released. The debut was recorded in the Casanegra studio by Rafael Augusto Lopes, with five songs recorded by Rafael Romanelli (guitars, bass and choruses), Pedro Zupo (vocals), Amilcar Cristófaro (drums) and Fernanda Lira (additional female voice). The album also features a version of Rocka Rolla song
by Judas Priest available only in its version found on digital platforms.

Living Metal’s complete line-up:

Pedro Zupo – vocals
Rafael Romanelli – guitar
Jonas – guitar
João Ribeiro– bass guitar
Jean Praeli – drums

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AltarEgo is an old school death metal band from The Netherlands that has been around since the early ’90s. 
In 2016, former member and guitarist Marcel Verdurmen announced the comeback of Altar with a new lineup, being the biggest change going from a male to a female singer. Early 2018, the band released a videoclip for a brand new song entitled ‘Unfinished Business’ and later that year the band decided to change its name to AltarEgo, to further distance themselves from the previous Altar.
After having played numerous shows in 2017 with bands like Rotting Christ and Batushka and recording their EP in 2018, the band is currently working hard on new material and is looking to release a full length album soon.

AltarEgo’s complete line-up:

Janneke de Rooy – vocals
Marcel Verdurmen – guitar
Bas Karman – guitar
Martin Bruinewoud – bass guitar
Erwin ‘Bakvet’ Koerts – drums


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Inherence was born in mid-2016, when Marcelo Liam (guitar) and João Limeira (drums) met at the Dual Noise studio in the West Zone of São Paulo and decided to form a metal/hardcore band.

Marcelo, with roots from a musical family, and João, who came from the hardcore beat of the bands Deforme and Paura, began the activities thinking of doing something authentic and with well defined characteristics: overwhelming, technical riffs mixed with a lot of groove, speed and weight…lots of weight.

Once the sound was defined, they began to create the songs. After completing two, the vocalist Thiago Queiroz (formerly Crossfear) and his striking characteristics enter: vocal, energetic, with drive, guttural until the most acute rip.

To complete the group, Thiago called his former bandmate Rafael Claudino (bass), which added new influences, with grooves from soul to extreme metal.

Although they have musical influences in common, the differences in the way of playing and composing of each component add innovation and originality to the band, without losing the focus on metal and old school hardcore

The result of this mix is in their debut album “Dogma,” which highlights in the lyrics how social conventions hit us and interfere in our lives, from religious dogmas to political and social conservatism, showing the ruin to which our society was put into.

Inherence’s project now is to tour all of Brazil showing “Dogma” and set out for an international career

Inherence’s complete line-up:

Thiago Queiroz – vocals
Marcelo Liam – guitar
Rafael Claudino – bass guitar
João Limeira– drums

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Reapter is a thrash-prog metal band founded in Rome 2005 by Max Pellicciotta, Emiliano Niro and Claudio Arduini. It was decided to adopt the monicker Reapter, derived from the merge of two English terms: Reaper (reaper) and Richter (the seismic scale).

Jury Pergolini (bass) joined the band a year later, and with his arrival the band could start to write the first songs that will be  ont he first EP called “First One”.

Through 2008 and 2009 Reapter played in a contest called Emergenza Festival. This contest allowed the band to play in important venues in Italy, like Alcatraz (Milan). Max and Jury won the best guitar and bass player prizes at the end of the festival.

In 2011 Reapter played in London as support of the english band Fury UK, and in 2012 played in Total Metal Festival in Toritto (Italy) in with Testament, Dark Funeral and Sadist.

The band released the first album in 2013, called M.I.N.D. via Buil2kill Records and the guys toured in eastern Europe as support of the Finnish band Scarecrow.

When touring Reapter started to write down some new riffs, more articulated, with odd time signatures and a whole complex approach to the songs.

In 2015 Daniele Bulzoni joins Reapter.

 In 2016 the second album is released via Revalve Records, called Cymatics and is a 10 songs composed album. As for the first album,  it was distributed worldwide on the most important digital platforms and physical format.

Reapter toured in 2017 to promote the album with the brazilian female thrash-metal band Nervosa for 12 gigs in western Europe. In 2018 the band played in Goathell Metal Festival in Pula (Croatia) in with Sinister and Jinjer.

Nowadays Reapter is about to release the third album.

The band alway offer a very solid show, with a granitic sound and audience involvement. The debut album (M.I.N.D.) contains two of the audience most appreciated songs, Carnage and Sea Storm. Cymatics for its part, contains a more technical approach to the music. Time Lapse and Omega Revolution are the most important examples.

Reaper’s complete line-up:

– Claudio Arduini (vocals)
– Max Pellicciotta (rhythm – lead guitar)
– Daniele Bulzoni (rhythm – lead guitar)
– Jury Pergolini (bass guitar)
– Emiliano Niro (drums)

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Furia is new band formed in Belgium in 2017 by the renowned producer Martin Furia (also guitarist in Bark, Marginal and Jesus Martyr) Along top class musicians like guitarist Toon Huet (ex- Bliksem), bass player Jan Rammeloo (ex- Blikem/ex-Diablo BLVD) and young talent Pieter de Ridder (ex- Masturbator, also drummer in Off The Cross), the band initially counted Sergei Kraven (Leng Tch’e e Deepshow) on vocals, but due to lack of time he left the band before recording the first demo and Martin Furia took the vocal duties.

The band surprised the audiences with powerful live performances, making lots of fans in a short time and they just released their debut EP and their first single video clip for the song “Digging My Grave”. Their debut album is already recorded and the band plans to release it before the end of the year. There are lots of plans for the band still this year so stay tuned to the bands website:

Furia’s complete line-up:

– Martin Furia (Vocals & guitar)
– Toon Huet (guitar)
– Jan Rammeloo (bass)
– Pieter de Ridder (drums)

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